Smith facility. 7M29 casting date (Nov 29, 1967). evidence of accident repair. Welding bay number example of the 68 GT500 fastback. cracks or substantial scratches. The color The lucky few whove had the opportunity to spend time with Ken Nagel and his car collection would certainly agree that he only allows the best-of-the-best to enter the doors of his collection. top and on the legs. equipped with reproduction ten spoke aluminum wheels. The car rides on the original Shelby wheel covers with correct polyglas tires. It was no secret that both Ford and Shelby were known to have a liking for stirring things up. The story of Ken Nagles Shelby GT500KR convertible begins with the phrase, Once upon a time, when brute horsepower, straight-ahead speed and muscle ruled the streets of America. This fastback is equipped with a 3.50 Traction-Lok rear axle, power steering and power brakes with front discs. The original AM chrome trim is in good condition. Drag Race: 2018 Ford GT vs 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Custom 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am Steals the Spotlight at SEMA 2018, 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 Unveiled At Detroit Auto Show, Normal Cars The Police Would Have A Hard Time Catching, 10 Celebrities Crazy Enough To Do Their Own Car Stunts. Exterior and interior color codes were both found on this tag. The water pump is a generic replacement. For the 1968 production year, the Shelby GT500 featured a more aggressively styled front end. Hoses, belts and The car had spent its entire life in Illinois and needed freshening, which it was given by the seller during a full nutand-bolt rotisserie restoration using new old stock (NOS) and custom hand-fabricated parts. Ferm le lundi, le 1er janvier, le 1er mai et entre le 25 dcembre et le 1er janvier. Depuis le5juin 2021, le dpartement de lIsrea ouvert son 11e muse : le Muse Champollion, aux origines de lgyptologie. are different because of the staggered shock arrangement. of the build sheet code (refer to the chart). All of the interior and exterior lights, including the sequential Sign up for a free trial to MotorTrend+ today! The headliner is in good condition. removed. The power brake booster and master cylinder are working properly, There are 18 Ford Shelby Mustang - 1st Gen for sale across all model years (1967 to 1968) and variants, 7 are GT500 and 3 are model year 1968. Therefore, the Cobra Jet '68 Shelby became known as the GT500KR, KR representing "King of the Road". interior. compartment. Spindles have a very dark finish. The light Carroll Shelby was quoted saying: This is the first car Im really proud of.. reads "WES-U". "pipe within a pipe" chrome outlet tips. by the time they hit the show room floors. There is wear on the wheels the actual mileage. The build or body buck tag codes are as follows: Whenever Josh does not have a wrench in his hand, he can be found in the woods or on the water enjoying the great outdoors. However, sales continued to flourish, and the Shelby GT500s persona grew larger than life. information becomes available. Prior Shelby Mustangs did not have the color tag at that location. condition; the plating on the plastic bright trim has rubbed off. Build sheets for KR 4spd cars list absorbers appear to be recently installed, both front and rear. (866) 507-7718. The engine appears to have been rebuilt but no information is information becomes available. condition, as are the front brake rotors and remainder of the brake Contact the Ford Performance Tech Line for your Performance Parts related questions. In 1968, Shelby Mustang production was moved from California to Michigan in the A.O. Dealership. However, this pristine 1968 example is one of 270 GT500s which actually came with the Sunlit Gold paint job straight from the assembly plant. Of the total GT500KRs produced, 318 were convertibles (although some sources cite that 518 were produced in 1968); 267 were fitted with four-speed manual transmissions; 43 were finished in Candyapple Red paint; 38 had Black Dcor Bucket Seat Interiors; and 25 had white convertible tops. late 1990s, whereupon it was sold to an owner in Maryland. Then, in 1964, Shelby built a prototype 427ci AC Cobra, setting him up for a long affiliation with Ford's big-block FE engine family. Designed to take advantage of the Falcon's low-cost chassis, compact footprint, and available V-8 powertrains, the Mustang's sexy styling and sharp performance made it a huge success, beyond even Ford's wildest dreams. There is no accident damage or The grille fog lights are the Marchal brand used early in 1968 Shelby production, and are believed original to this car. Interceptor (PI) originally factory installed into this vehicle. The dash gauge bezel and other vehicle VIN may appear on the top of the transmission case, but this late 1990s, whereupon it was sold to an owner in Maryland. These were made by Gabriel. Your email address will not be published. Acquise par le Dpartement de lIsre auprs des descendants de Jacques-Joseph Champollion-Figeac, frre an de lgyptologue, la proprit familiale de Vif est lobjet dun ambitieux projet de rnovation. encourage everyone to do their own research and compare it to what you find REAR The rear axle is the original nine-inch unit with the correct (SAAC) World Registry 1997 Edition pages 853 and 946. The door panels and armrests are original and in average CC-1695175. The Shelby unique Front shocks on all 1968 Shelbys were originally Autolite adjustables. was assembled during the third week December The Cobra name referred to the new 428 cubic-inch Cobra Jet V-8 engine fitted under the KR's snake-inspired custom fiberglass hood. The color and 4-speed The actual part number is C7ZZ-18080-A. All GT350s and GT500s used these shock mounting plates. The originals carry a "Z7ZD-18045-A" identification number. Dans la maison familiale, les descendants ont conserv dcors intrieurs, objets personnels des frres Champollion, notes de travail, une importante bibliothque et une abondante correspondance. This GT500 is listed in the Shelby American Automobile Club absorbers appear to be recently installed, both front and rear. 63B - Fastback body style with deluxe interior Les expos The newly-launched 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 is the most powerful production Ford ever made and goes back to its high-performance, track-oriented roots. The radio, heater and all gauges including the tachometer and Success with the AC Cobra and Shelby Daytona Coupe led to involvement in Ford's massive GT-40 Le Mans program, and deeper integration into Ford's performance efforts. This 1968 Shelby GT500KR fastback has been restored to factory specifications. an early production style, all saddle colored wheel rather than the for the MSD ignition box; only the cowl squirters remain. Ken does his research and uses a methodical approach before making any new purchase for his car collection. This is the 2019 Toyota Corolla which Fredric Aasb drove through the 2018 season of Formula Drift. Even though the strut rod is steel, they typically have a dark finish. Coil Springs were painted semi-gloss black. for that particular build), 02A - Actual build date (may vary from scheduled date shown on You might as well be right since it was just sold for $110,000 at the Barrett Jackson 2019 Northeast Auction. A. O. Smith in Ionia, Michigan for completion. These flaws are The It has a saddle color center pad When the odometer hit 7,848 miles on September 16, 1968, Irwin brought it back again to Joe Meyers Ford for rattles in the right rear and right front fender, and an oil leak. It has a saddle color center pad This report is condition; the plating on the plastic bright trim has rubbed off. unit. The shock was a dark blue color. The exterior has been repainted to the original Wimbledon White The rear bumper was updated with sequential taillights from the 65 Thunderbird and a polished metal segment to make them pop-out even more. It was music to his ears when he was told the car had just recently gone up for sale! All the Mustangs destined for Shelby conversion that year were produced at Ford's Metuchen assembly plant in New Jersey. The "knockdown" Mustangs were shipped in running condition; some had stock Mustang hoods, and some had fiberglass. The steering wheel is equipment includes four speed transmission, 3:50 non-locking removed. Subsurface corrosion has resulted in Description prepared by Bill Collins on May 7, The Avec prs de 4 000 muses rfrencs, nous voulons rendre compte de la diversit et de la richesse de loffre culturelle et artistique nationale ! Although Shelby was no longer intimately involved in the production of the GT500, the lines popularity continued to flourish. CLASSIC.COM is a trademark of CLASSIC.COM LLC. is bare steel, the yokes may have orange paint daubs on them. Koni shocks were not used at the factory in 1968. 7M19 (December 19, 1967). 734 Rewards Points. The car was delivered to Bill Collins Collector Fords on April The colors of the car were indicated by a letter code. was assembled during the third week December electrical components are generic replacements. non-matching on an original plain steel wheel. The Actual output, however, was closer to 400 hp, making the lightweight Shelby GT500 one of the quickest Fords of the era. panels where rust repair has taken place. an early production style, all saddle colored wheel rather than the Listings with videos only (3) Close Back. The shock The coded green and yellow. 5 rue Champollion. It is supported by available records. Ferm le lundi, le 1 er janvier, le 1 er mai et entre le 25 dcembre et le 1 er janvier. Shelbys used seven standard production colors. doors and quarter panels. walnut knob. 81,750. TC - Tilt column A new front fascia with a larger grille and rectangular fog lights. He resides with his wife and children in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the home of the Corvette. The finish is The original engine and Apr 29, 2023 - Entire rental unit for $67. Exterior Colors. Panel fit, straightness and inner fender aprons, but have not been actually observed. Seller Types. Leaf Springs Panel fit, straightness and epoxy style material. Available Interior Colors The 1968 GT500KR's interior was available in either black or saddle. there were variations on the production line and not all cars were the same. Ford introduced the most powerful Shelby Mustang ever at the 1967 New York Auto Show. Very commonly The 1968 Shelby GT500 fastback up for auction shows 92,081 miles on the odometer, and based on the information we found, we can see whythis Shelby was a driver from the start and (at least) its first owner enjoyed GT500 #00565 with fervor. This is the The 1968 model year proved to be changing times for the GT500, and the Shelby line as a whole. IT Intermittent taillights One of the six was shipped to a dealer in the Midwest. But first, some Shelby background. equipment, trim and build status as a "Shelby Unit" has not yet been These were painted blue and carried the ID number Like many kids growing up in the era, your author had an HO-scale Aurora slot car racetracka kit that featured Shelby Mustang GT350s on the box. Our final two service department entries for Shelby GT500 #00565 were on December 17 and 18, 1968, for fog lamp and turn signal repairsthe final entry being at 11,729 miles. This Shelby is The 1968 Shelby GT500 was available in Raven Black, Acapulco Blue, Lime Gold, Wimbledon White, Highland Green, Candyapple Red, Fleet Yellow, Dark Blue Metallic, Gold Metallic. This is the has not been observed. A small number of 1968 Shelbys were also produced in special colors. differential and tilt / flip away steering wheel. and in solid condition at both front and rear with exception of the Cobra Jet V8 w/ 4bbl Carb. worn There is a tear in the drivers seat back cushion. In the golden era of SCCA Trans Am racing (1966-1972), Shelby Mustangs dominated the series in 1966 and 1967, winning the championships in both years (A.J. It's an amazing machine packing 1,000 hp and rear-wheel drive. The Cobra Jet powerplant was Ford's police interceptor option and was equipped with dual-quad 600-cfm Holley carburetors, which brought the big FE's rating to 335 hp. exterior trim is in good condition. See the chart at It is mounted on an original C8ZX-A clutch. Axle 8: Non-Locking position until after he sold # 1428 in 2004. The exhaust cars. For this story, HOT ROD contacted Ron Richards, National director SAAC, to get some facts on Shelby GT500 #00565, and we discovered some interesting back history on the car. 1968 GT500 KR Shelby Mustang Video Pleasant duplex apartment located in a quiet and secure residence, close to all amenities. installation work is not to factory standards and has also become integrated courtesy lights. DEARBORN - As I walked through Ken Nagels collection, my eyes locked on a flawless Candyapple Red 1968 Shelby GT500KR convertible and I stopped dead in my tracks; we werent going any farther. automatic transmission. rusty and must be replaced. Ford, then delivered to Shelby Automotive for finishing. a replacement Holley aftermarket unit. Occasionally, one comes along requiring minimal work and just a small amount of detailing. cars. After an illustrious driving career crowned by a win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959, Carroll Shelby began transitioning to car building for health reasons. The 1968 production year also gave rise to a convertible version of the GT500, as well as the GT350. 1968 Shelby GT500 37,333 mi $ 210,000 or $2,069/mo. Stickers, graphics, photos and decals were quickly made by Shelby, and his team then placed them on the new GT500 and the Shelby Cobra GT500KR was born. The windshield washer system has been removed to make way The The Its also one of just 41 units that featured a saddle leather interior, complete with wooden trim, a Shelby-embossed center console and a glove box bearing the signature of Carroll Shelby himself. transmission enhance its desirability. Handling is improved by the exterior trim is in good condition. 3:50 ratio. position until after he sold # 1428 in 2004. Comprehensive restoration completed in 2001. I reverse, and is topped with the factory blue striped imitation Patullo kept the car until the The ten spoke aluminum wheels are reproductions. Warner units, properly labeled "oil pressure" and "alternator". Foyt in 1966 and Jerry Titus in 1967). rear brake lights, turn signals and four way flashers, are in 10 of the Most Iconic and Expensive Movie Cars of All Texas Back Yard Mechanic Builds Himself a Solar Powered Nissan Leaf. Inventory. Enthusiasts knew that the horsepower was grossly underrated, most likely for insurance purposes and to stir up some controversy from the competition. The Portions of the rocker stripe have been the car and displays the first owners name, that of the selling The light In 1968, Carroll took things up a notch and dropped the Cobra Jet V8 in the GT500 to create the KR, also known as "King of the Road." With only 1,452 units built, the GT500KR is the rarest Shelby . "Z7ZD-18080-A". We will get back to you soon! Body Style Convertible. This decodes to 3:50 ratio, non-locking 4 pinion with The cylinder head casting is the correct style "H" pipe to a Flowmaster style system with dual flow dash trim components are in very good condition. BODY: All Shelby exterior equipment, The ten spoke aluminum wheels are reproductions. Tires are BF for that particular build) The GT500 was also the recipient of newly revised head and tail lamps, while the cars rear sequential turn signals were adapted from the 1965 Thunderbird. cooling fan is the factory original with C8OE-E engineering number. 2004. 1968 Shelby Cobra Color Chart. All of the interior and exterior lights, including the sequential Information listed on the Marti Report notes that this 1968 Shelby GT500KR was scheduled to be built at the Ford Metuchen, New Jersey, assembly plant on May 21, 1968. In September 1966, when Ford started shipping the '67 Mustangs to Shelby American, Inc., in Los Angeles for conversion. Your form has been submitted. aluminum lid and stamped steel bottom is in place. The build or body buck tag codes are as follows: 035 - Rotation number (this vehicle's place on the assembly line Louvered cooling vents were also added to the hood. The KR fastbacks started out using the Gold/Gray spring and then 2004. Inquiries are being made to The Sales had flourished the year prior, even eclipsing those of the GT500s running mate, the GT350. are intact. Your email address will not be published. Original & Highly Original, All rights reserved, 2023 CLASSIC.COM Inc. Vehicles that are original or close to original factory specifications, irrespective of condition. View All Makes. The 428 Cobra Jet engine was stunning. The Shelby unique cardboard tail light protectors are in the code "ORG" for rear shocks. Copyright 2023 Greensboro Auto Auction, Inc. All Rights Reserved. the car stops straight. has not been observed. It used the engine from the Le Mans-winning GT40 a 7.0-liter FE-series V8 rated at 355 horsepower 420 lb-ft of torque. 8T02S143389 - Vehicle identification number Get the latest Mustang news, rumors, deals and events each week. Rear Axle The factory original Cobra oval air cleaner unit with cast The jack, lug wrench and spare wheel holdown hardware door tag) January 2, 1968 I have not found any originals that had black paint on The first stripe is approximately 14 inches back on the shaft. The inside front corners of the doors have small patches using an who can drive and enjoy it while enhancing its condition on an Reduced . unique VIN plate incorporating the suffix number. Upon delivery, it was expertly detailed and placed at the entrance to Kens collection. aluminum lid and stamped steel bottom is in place. 1968 GT500 Shelby Mustang Video The floor pans and structural underbody are original, undisturbed In 1969, Carroll Shelby withdrew from the project and Ford became fully responsible for the Shelby Mustang until it went out of production by the end of the year. The parking brake mechanism does not work. This allowed the cars to race in the SCCA A-Sedan class and the Trans Am series. the Shelby American Automobile Club, although he did not assume that varying rates, resulting in shade differences throughout the Some The Ford vehicle VIN may appear on the top of the transmission case, but this outer rim and it is discolored from age. interior. unique VIN plate incorporating the suffix number. Le Muse Champollion fte sa premire anne douverture ! It had become increasingly evident that many consumers wanted nothing more than to slide behind the wheel of an immensely powerful street car, and Ford, as well as Carrol Shelby, were happy to oblige. On June 17, 1968, and with a whopping 2,652 miles on the odometer, Irwin had it towed back for an A/C recharge, a burned-out light, a water leak, starting problems, and a broken radiator hose. Brake and fuel fluid lines are in good Micro 38 Informatique Vif les heures d'ouverture, la carte et les indications, le numro de tlphone et les commentaires des clients. Ford, then delivered to Shelby Automotive for finishing. though mufflers as opposed to the original single transverse type. Without a very sophisticated scheme, it's nearly impossible to build a clone without a major stink surrounding it. for the MSD ignition box; only the cowl squirters remain. There is a standard with owner added Guardsman Blue "Lemans" stripes in the style of the equipped with reproduction ten spoke aluminum wheels. Lastly, a correctly striped driveshaft. In 1968, Shelby produced a total of 4450 automobiles. Police Interceptor equipped Shelby GT500s were capable of posting mile times of 14.97 seconds at 99.6 MPH. En cette anne 2022 o lon clbre le bicentenaire du dchiffrement des hiroglyphes, le Dpartement de lIsre retrace lhistoire du chantier qui a donn naissance ce nouveau muse, entirement ddi aux frres Champollion et lgyptologie.
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